ABC Nightlines's conclusions about obesity make little sense How can having less money possible equate to having more bodyfat?

Posted: June 6, 2004

According to a program run by ABC Nightline on Wednesday June 2, 2004, having less money actually equates to having more fat.   If ABC Nightline can prove their claim then this an even bigger revelation than they realize because it would mean that the fundamental laws of nature have changed.   Since the beginning of time the people who have had less money have always had less in the way of everything; especially food.   What the stupidity of ABC Nightlines' argument really shows is how desperate the mainstream media are to provide an explanation for obesity to keep people from discovering the real reason.

Actually the statistics that ABC Nightline cites as evidence are correct because the majority of poor people are overweight in America.   The problem is that blaming food for causing these poor people to be overweight makes no sense.  If someone has little money to spend then they will spend less of it on food and hence be smaller not larger.   Go back thru history and this is always what was seen: The rich were fat and the poor were skinny and undernourished.  Has the food supply changed that much? Of course not, people grilled meat over fires thousands of years ago, which is exactly what a burger is today.

While the food supply has not changed the healthcare system has certainly changed to one that is dependent on prescription medication.   Is it a coincidence that during the same program giving such a stupid theory for obesity the major advertising came from pharmaceutical companies?   I counted no less than four different commercials for prescription drugs during this hour-long program.  This probably explains why ABC Nightline is reluctant to try to really explain what is causing obesity.   By pointing the finger at food instead of drugs they protect their advertising revenue, which shows how much integrity ABC Nightline really has and explains why they would run a program based on such stupidity.

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