Listen to broadcasts done by Ben by clicking on the links below:

WJFK in Washington DC at the Hideout

Geoff Metcalf Show

KNX in Los Angeles with Tom Haule

WERC in Birmingham with Scott Griffen

KDKA in Pittsburgh with Mike Pintek

WQMZ in Chrlottesville with Jay Lopez

KHVH in Honolulu with Mike Buck

KCTE in Kansas City with Coach K on Total Health

KJYO in Oklahoma City with T.J. Brown

WIBG in Ocean City, NJ with Tom Sappie

WISN in Milwaukee with Karen Ellenbecker on Money Matters

WKCT in Bowling Green, KY with Roy Brassfield

WBLJ in Dalton, GA with Larry Gibson

WRXS in Ocean City, MD with Glassman and Crazy Eddie

WWIB in Chippewa Falls, WI with Rod Larson

GoodNewsBroadcasting with Paul Sladkus

WNSB in Norfolk with Mark Askew

WWSW in Pittsburgh with Cris Winter

Listen and learn the real reasons Why America is So FAT? and why most Americans fail in their weight loss attempts.

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