Ephedra weight-loss products selling for premium at Ebay because companies can no longer sell them individuals are cleaning up.

Posted: June 11, 2004

The demand for Ephedra weight-loss products continues to be high despite the FDA ban on April 12 and warnings to consumers to stop using such products.   A recent search at Ebay found bottles of Xenadrine-RFA selling for more than $ 100 per bottle.  Compare that to the suggested retail that the product had prior to the ban of only $ 39.99.   Similar high prices were found for other popular Ephedra weight loss products like Ripped Fuel, Hydroxycut, Stacker 2 and Metabolife.

When the Ephedra ban took effect it meant that companies could no longer sell Ephedra products but individuals with supplies of the popular products have continued to sell them on Ebay.   It is clear that the big increase in prices reflect the continued demand for Ephedra weight-loss products.   With people willing to pay over $ 100 a bottle there is obviously still a huge demand for such products.

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