Links to Organizations and People fighting for YOUR Freedom to have good Health.

Dr. Betty Martini  is at the forefront of the fight to ban the dangerous chemical Aspartame

Dr. Matthias Rath, M.D  exposes the corruption in the pharmaceutical industry and the aid received from the Bush administration.

Dr. Robin Falkov and  explains how the agenda to eliminate all vitamins and nutritonal supplements is being pushed by the United Nations Codex Commission.

Dr. Stanley Monteith and Radio Liberty  frequently discusses the forces waging war against the average persons good health.

John Hammell and International Advocates for Health Freedom   has been fighting for health freedom for 10 years and exposes how many nutrition industry organizations like the NNFA are actually aiding the people who want to ban all vitamins and supplements sales by anyone other than pharmaceutical companies.

Dr. Verkerk and the Alliance for Natural Health   is leading the legal fight to block the United Nations attempt to restrict access to vitamins and nutritional supplements.

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