Ralph Nadar no friend to consumers
revealed his true loyalties in agressively advocating Ephedra ban.

Posted: July 12, 2004

With the presidential election looming and many people less than thrilled with either Bush or Kerry as the next President third party candidates like Ralph Nadar are getting more attention than usual. Nadar is one alternative candidate, however, that is probably worse than either choice from the main parties.

Nadar has always maintained that he is a friend to consumers but he clearly showed his true colors as being anything but a friend to consumers by advocating a ban on Ephedra. The only people who supported the ban on Ephedra were either friends of the pharmaceutical industry or people who were too stupid or too lazy to uncover the truth. Nadar has made numerous statements, such as the one below, that show he is either completely stupid when it comes to Ephedra or has been corrupted by money from the pharmaceutical industry:

    "But despite the overwhelming, unequivocal evidence of the dangers of ephedra (including more than 100 reports of death in the possession of the FDA and the admitted legal authority for a ban), the FDA refused a ban, proposing a warning label instead"
Ralph, did you actually read any of the reports of death that the FDA claimed to have from Ephedra? If you did then you should have seen the "report of a women whose blood alcohol was twice the legal limit and who died of a fractured skull after driving into a tree at 90 mph." If you are such a friend of consumers then why have you not protested the fraud that the FDA has perpetrated on consumers by banning Ephedra based on such baseless evidence? For even more damming statements visit Nadar's League of Fans website and judge for yourself.

Since Nadar is not stupid and has the resources to have uncovered the truth about Ephedra the most plausible explanation for his advocating the Ephedra ban must be a link to the pharmaceutical industry. Lets think about it for a moment. The pharmacutical companies are supporting Bush, and a Nadar campaign will hurt Bush's opponent like he hurt Gore in 2000, so would it not be in the best interests of the pharmaceutical industry to help Nadar?

So Ralph, since you have always claimed to be our friend will you at least tell us how much support you have received from the pharmaceutical industry? I don't know about you but I am not going to hold my breath on him telling us nor am I ever going to vote for Ralph Nadar.

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