Current News related to Weight Loss and Obesity

Aspartame Makes You Fatter
so the diet sodas you drink are actually making you gain weight

Obesity now deemed an illness
which means taxpayers get to pay the bill for treatment.

America gets fatter,
so medicine is supersizing

Obesity Epidemic Continues Unabated
reports Forbes online magazine on June 15, 2004

31% of Adults and 17% of youngsters seriously overweight
according to the latest goverment figures as reported by USA Today

ABC Nightlines's conclusions about obesity make little sense
How can having less money possible equate to having more bodyfat?

Obesity now rivals Smoking as Killer
Obesity will be the leading killer by 2005

FDA says Obesity kills 300,000 every year
which is close to the 400,000 cigarette deaths every year.

61% increase in adult obesity since 1991
according to the Center for Disease Control statistics: The problem is getting worse!

64% of U.S. adults are overweight or obese
according to 2000 Center for Disease Control statistics: How much worse is it today?

Ditching Sodas Cuts Childhood Obesity
According to research published online by the British Medical Journal

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