Current News related to Ephedra Ban

Ephedra Ban Reversed in Courts
but doubtful Ephedra products will return because of fear of FDA

Aspartame killed Baseball player not Ephedra
FDA blames Ephedra to cover up the real culprit Aspartame

Ralph Nadar no friend to consumers
revealed his true loyalties in agressively advocating Ephedra ban.

Ephedra weight-loss products selling for premium at Ebay
because companies can no longer legally sell them individuals are cleaning up.

United Nations behind effort to ban all vitamins and supplements
says Coast-to-Coast AM radio guest Dr. Robin Falkov in May 12 show about alternative medician issues.

Why Is America So FAT? April 27, 2004, press release asks the question
Why were only some Ephedra products banned by FDA and not all?

Rush Limbaugh sees the hypocrisy of banning Ephedra
in April 15, 2004, article "Ban Tobacco, Not Ephedra"

Ephedra Ban Takes Effect Nationwide
But some products were excluded from Ban based on what FDA considers "approved"

Federal Judge refuses to stop Ephedra Ban
Judge rejects request to delay Ephedra Ban from taking effect on April 12

NVE Pharmaceuticals the maker of Staker 2 sues to stop Ephedra Ban
Read about how "The Ephedra Battle Moves To The Courts"

Arnold Schwarzenegger's response when asked about regulation of supplements like Ephedra
"I have very rarely seen the government do anything that was effective."

Is the FDA Gambling with Your Health? by Frank Lampe
How the agency may be using ephedra to remove other beneficial supplements

Paul Mulshine criticizes Bush administration and conservatives and says
in article "Ephedra ban should confound conservatives."

Jacob Sullum says "Ephedra no cause for panic"
Questions NFL's logic in banning the use by players.

"It's all about the money!" proclaims about Ephedra ban
Compilation of news and stories on Ephedra.

The Alleged Role of Ephedra in the Death of a Professional Baseball Player
Position statement by Dr. Richard Kreider of Baylor University>

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